Its not about burnt offerings and a token salad

If your idea of barbecued food is your ‘clichéd pile of burnt offerings and a token salad’, it’s time to think again. After spending much of our time designing building and using our own equipment, and with our expertise of alfresco dining experiences, we soon

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Whats the Beef !!!!!

What’s the Beef with Irish Beef? I wanted to explore and explain how lucky we really are in this country with the top notch produce we have on our doorstep, I’ve been keen to be diplomatic in relation to current protests and anger in this

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The off season ain’t so quiet

The Off season ain’t so Off…………..   It’s been an interesting couple of months at Smokin’ Soul. We had intended to update and blog more . As with most things we do we are constantly having to adapt our time to new opportunities, tasks and downright

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Fire Starting & Management

We have had many years’ experience with cooking over fire and coals and we have decided to show you in our first video these basics. We will give a quick tutorial in both to help you maximise your coal usage and therefore help with optimal

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