We Make What We Love

Smoked meat is the result of a method of preparing red meat, white meat, and seafood which originated in the Paleolithic Era which dates between 40,000bc and 8000bc. Smoking adds flavour, improves the appearance of meat through the Maillard reaction, combined with curing preserves the meat.

When meat is cured then cold smoked, the smoke adds phenols and other chemicals that have an antimicrobial effect on the meat.  Humans began to cook meat as far back as 2.3 million – 1.8 million years ago which is essentially bbq or grilling. Bbq or grilling is defined as the cooking of meats over or beside open fire, charcoal or embers.

The processes and chemistry used to smoke and cook meat has changed little in the preceding years since our ancestors began to use these methods, we have added our own modern twist by using modern materials to ensure a more hygienic and high end product but the quality and great flavours of the smoked meats and BBQ are still as genuine as ever by using our tried and tested BBQs and smokers. For our part we use all our own hand built cooking apparatus, but the techniques and traditional values of past generations would have had, are prevalent in the way we cook all our produce. We use only charcoal, timber or embers in our process.


We start with the best quality meats that are available, this being grass fed, bord bia certified, Irish meat. These animals have the best life possible and hence it becomes the best meat possible. When needed we add flavours to our meats by using wet and dry rubs where applicable. We use only the best possible ingredients for this aspect our cooking process to maintain the high standards to which we hold ourselves.

We do not use any electrical or motorised aids during our cooking processes. The results we get from using the traditional methods are far superior to modern cooking techniques. The flavours and textures that appear in our foods from using fire, charcoal and embers to cool are not achievable through modern means. This is the appeal our end product.