We Make What We Love

Our combined knowledge of construction, innovative design, customer relations and quality control of projects brings over 40 years of experience. Any customer buying or renting from Smokin Soul know they are in safe hands.

All our builds have been tried and tested by ourselves to ensure we have built a quality, economical, value for money unit. All aspects of range have been submitted to truly gruelling tests to ensure that everything from the quality of steel right through to the finished paint work is of the highest quality and most importantly that it works and completes the purpose of its function. Our range of bbqs and smokers are all hand built and like our custom builds are built to last and constructed to the highest standards possible.

When we are commissioned for a custom build by a client, be it for private or commercial use, we engage with the client and design the build to suit all the needs of the brief. The same care and quality of construction that is found in BBQ range is brought through to these custom builds also. We use only the best materials and methods to construct our range and we are very proud of all of our builds.

We buy all our equipment, materials and consumables from local businesses and suppliers. This is very important to us and our company ethos of supporting our local economy.