The Offset Smoker (Reverse Flow)

The Offset Smoker (Reverse Flow)



Product description
  • This smoker is a reverse flow model that has the firebox and the chimney on the same side of the smoker, this is a perfect example of a reverse flow smoker.
  • The cooking chamber dimensions are 1250mm (length) x 550mm (diameter) on the larger model and 900mm (length) x 450mm (diameter) on the regular model. The internal cooking surface areas measures 1240mm x 540mm on the large and 895mm x 440mm on the regular, giving the user space to accommodate all types of cuts of meat.
  • Smokin Souls uniquely designed internal heat deflector means that unlike other offset straight through smokers on the market, the occurrence of hot spots/cold spots in the cooking chamber have been eliminated.
  • The cooking chamber is made from 5mm hand rolled plate steel, with this thickness of steel wall the heat retention in this unit exceptional.
  • The firebox measures 500mm x 600mm x 500mm on the large and 400mm x 500mm x 400mm on the regular
  • The firebox is made from 5mm plate steel to ensure heat retention. The uniquely designed air vent on door of the firebox allows for ease of use and regulation of temperature.
  • The sub frame of the smoker is designed to be elegant and functional. It is made from 50mm x 50mm box steel.
  • The design allows for support and stability.
  • The chimney has been designed to be at an optimum diameter and length to have a constant draw off heat and smoke through the cooking chamber.
  • The smoker is mounted on 160mm diameter free rolling bearing loaded casters, these casters allow the smoker to be moved with ease.
  • The main access door to the cooking chamber is made from 5mm plate steel and has been reinforced both externally and internally. The hinges are also reinforced to allow the door to fit tightly for the lifetime of the smoker.
  • The door mounted thermometer has been designed by Tel Tru Inc from New York. This probe has been designed and positioned to achieve accurate heat measurement. The probe has both Celsius and Fahrenheit units of measurement.
  • The entire smoker has been finished with a heat resistant paint.
  • As pitmasters ourselves, we understand what it takes for a live fire unit to work properly to ensure the perfect end product with consistency. Over 10 years of our cooking experience is now apparent in this unit.

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900x450mm, 1250x550mm