The Santa Maria

The Santa Maria

Heavy duty BBQ grill with a distinctive design and a massive 840x600mm cooking area


Product description

We have designed and built our Santa Marias to the following criteria:

  • Heavy duty sub frame is made from 50mm box steel.
  • Stylishly designed spider legs with 160mm bearing loaded castors allow for ease of transport and movement
  • Main containment area is made from 3mm steel
  • The back of the containment area measures 350mm in height, the side’s measure 250mm in height with the front access area measuring 150mm in height. These measurements have been carefully designed to ensure safety of the user and contain the fire safely. This area allows for optimal ease of cooking and economy of fuel. With this containment area no ash or embers can escape.
  • Heat bricks measuring 25mm in thickness come as standard to allow fire retention and economy of burn
  • Total Grilling area 840mm x 600
  • Side brasero for burning timber can be added as an extra, for €150. The grill size remains the same and the unit is extended to accommodate brasero.
  • The grill bars are made from 20mm x 20mm x mm v shaped (angle) steel
  • Main frame to allow the grill to travel is made from 50 x 50 mm box steel.
  • The grill can be raised 400mm all owing all types of cooking to happen with ease.
  • Stainless steel catcher across the front of the grill ensures that the base will remain virtually free of grease.
  • Crank wheel on the side measures 540mm in diameter making the raising and lowering the grill extremely easy
  • Uniquely designed Smokin Soul Pitch Fork pin means that the safety of the user and the units has been ensured, the locking in is a failsafe in itself.
  • Black heat resistant paint has been applied and baked onto the unit to ensure longevity of the paintwork and the unit itself.
  • This unit is the easiest to clean and easiest to use on the market
  • As pitmasters ourselves we understand what it takes for a live fire unit to work properly to ensure the perfect end product with with consistency. Over 10 years of our cooking experience is now apparent in this unit.


When you buy a Santa Maria from Pat and Jim at Smokin Soul you are making a once in a lifetime purchase from a manufacturer whose design process is coming from a background of cooking on these Santa Marias and having a combined 20 years’ experience in live fire catering.

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