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Product description
  • This model is available in 2mm plate steel (for special requests and larger spec material please get in touch) this is an easy to store and compact unit that transports easily.
  • All our BBQs are supplied with a lifetime fabrication warranty, so when you purchase from us you have absolute confidence in the BBQ you are buying.
  • We have expertly designed the BBQ to be stylish, functional and economical.
  • The expert design not only looks good, but is practical in its retro and robust style and allows owners of our BBQ to cook food to perfection every time.
  • The most important element of our design is that the units are built to last and work with ease.
  • Regardless of your requirements or needs this BBQ is a one stop shop and does every type of cook that the inner pitmaster inside us all needs.
  • The huge internal cooking space out strips any of our competitors in a similar price bracket to allow the owner to easily cater for a large family or party in one hit.
  • Overall height and width – 500mm x 600mm x 400mm
  • Internal cooking area – main shelf 580mm x 390mm, Giving a massive total 225 mm² of cooking area.
  • Hickory timber varnished door handle.
  • Chimney with height of 200mm which is designed to allow the perfect airflow through the cooking chamber to achieve stable and average cooking temperature in any part of the BBQ.
  • The chimney damper is a feature that allows you refine and maintain your temperatures which in tandem makes your fuel usage even more economical.
  • The BBQ is fitted with reinforced single piece legs.
  • The BBQ has 2 large fitted handles to allow extra precision for transport and storage.
  • The unique airflow grate for your charcoal and timber comes as standard and is designed to be economical and multipurpose.
  • Our paint coating has a rating for 850 degrees Celsius meaning there will never be flaking or burning of the paint work.
  • These bbqs come with 4 coats of professionally applied paint work
  • Thermometers are designed by Tel Tru Manufacturing to ensure true readings.
  • Handmade heavy duty Hinges designed by Smokin Soul

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