Unleash Your Grill Mastery

Join us for a fiery journey at our dynamic 1-Dayer BBQ and Live Fire Master Class. Whether you’re a grill veteran or a novice to the sizzle, this immersive course is your gateway to becoming a BBQ hero. Under the tutelage of Pat Conway and Jim O’Brien, you’ll master everything from the initial spark to the final, delicious platter.

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Cook, Sample, Revel

  • Expertly manage fire and discover your ideal charcoal
  • Craft the ultimate burgers and sausages from scratch to service
  • Master chicken in multiple ways – from butchery to plating
  • Achieve steak perfection and experiment with diverse cooking styles
  • Slow-cook a succulent whole pork loin to tender brilliance
  • Conquer the ultimate BBQ chicken wings using various techniques
  • Create veggie-centric masterpieces and dive into direct charcoal cooking
  • Indulge in fire-kissed desserts like caramelised apple and sage

Your Feast Awaits

  • Savour an ongoing tasting menu throughout the day
  • Enjoy a selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks on the house
  • Engage in Q&A sessions, and delve into sauce and rub tutorials


  • Special accommodation rates and complimentary camping options
  • Shuttle service is available for ease of travel (at a fee)


  • Welcome coffee and breakfast upon arrival
  • A day packed with practical, hands-on cooking sessions
  • Continuous sampling of a wide array of dishes
  • Hearty lunch and final tastings throughout the course
  • Complimentary selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks
  • Special accommodation rates and free camping options
  • Shuttle service option for convenient travel (at a fee)