The off season ain’t so quiet

The Off season ain’t so Off…………..


It’s been an interesting couple of months at Smokin’ Soul. We had intended to update and blog more . As with most things we do we are constantly having to adapt our time to new opportunities, tasks and downright amazing adventures and borderline comedic activities.  Our social media pages are keeping things fresh and you can get a snapshot of what’s happening.

The surprising element is that even though our busy season is over our so called off season seems to have us busier than the busy season.

The realisation that we needed a new workshop to continue our light fabrication work to produce bbqs, smokers and custom builds hit us hard at the end of our mammoth season. We knew we’d have to address it eventually, but in the typical fashion of our Irish forefathers we bottled that up real nice until it becomes a project that is nearly too big achieve or indeed it becomes too late to achieve at all.

So we need to shed light (pardon the pun) on the issues that face us:

  • Our old workshop is approx. 12m x 5m, once tools and equipment are put into this space the room available becomes very tight. With our expanding order list and new builds for new demos booked for 2020 it became clear that this workshop was no longer fit for purpose.
  • We have convert an old 4 span cow shed used for 2 generations to house cattle into a new state of the art  workshop
  • We’ve started work on this and are more than halfway there.
  • The first step was to deep clean the entire shed and strip back every bit of the ‘agriculturalness ‘of the building.
  • Now we are focused on planning for the next phase of investment and the logistics of making it so. The next phase of Smokin Soul, which is exciting, but will take a lot of time and careful planning, as usual.

We are off to a good start. It’s the third week of November. We plan to start fabricating by December 1st. We hope to turn out our first orders by Spring 2020, in time to have our production line going at full throttle by Summer 2020.