The Ultimate Pitmaster Retreat

Embark on a two-day culinary odyssey with The Weekender, your passport to the world of BBQ mastery. Led by Pat Conway and Jim O’Brien, you’ll delve into the primal allure of live-fire cooking. From elegant starters to a grand lamb asado finale, the course is a tribute to the power of fire.

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Sausages: 10 different samples of less than humble sausage

Burgers: Taste and method Comparison test

Jerk Chicken: with Red Cabbage and Coconut Milk Slaw

Chimichurri : A twist on one of the great dressings

Wings: these will not be your average wings

Pork chop: fall in love with pork again

Striploin: low and slow strip

Light the BBQ: to include discussions on Fire lighting, management, charcoal choice, timber

Scallops: the ultimate fast food

Caveman Steak: The OG Steak dish.

Desserts: always forgotten but not anymore, take a dessert from the fire to the next level

Asador Lamb: whoie carcass cooking as a back drop to the days event.


  • Gourmet breakfast with coffee to kick-start the day
  • For early risers, a chance to witness lamb preparation at dawn
  • A day full of interactive cooking and tastings
  • A culinary break to refresh before the final feast
  • An array of beverages to accompany the day’s fare
  • Special rates for nearby accommodations and free camping spots
  • Shuttle service available for attendees (at a fee)


Join us for a blend of robust flavours, rich aromas, and the magic of live-fire cooking that will transform your BBQ experience. Book now – the flames await.

Breakfast with traditionally cured bacon and rillettes
Beef brisket, ribs, and pork collar transformation into BBQ icons
Exclusive smoker maintenance and usage masterclass with Jim O’Brien

Sunday's Spread
  • Martys Bacon: Pairing: Sourdough bread, streamline this, each portion to bread, bacon, and topping. Brown sauce tomato salsa
  • Meat prep
  • Venison Breakdown
  • Jalapeno Poppers
  • Carpaccio – venison carpaccio
  • Venison Steaks: mint board dressing
  • Alabama Chicken: With the Alabama Sauce
  • Ribs: On their own
  • Beef Rib: With extra chimichurri from day before
  • BBQ sauce & rubs – tutorial
  • Pork Collar: Pickled slaw and BBQ sauce
  • Pork Belly: Brisket style belly, Sweet and sour sauce
  • Brisket: Served with pickles and juice from brisket
  • Turkey: Smoked Turkey, Christmas dinner will never be the same again


  • A breakfast featuring traditionally cured bacon to fuel the day
  • An immersive day with cooking and smoker masterclasses
  • Regular tasting breaks culminating in a grand final feast
  • Beers and soft drinks provided (BYO is welcome)
  • Continued access to special accommodation rates and camping options
  • Shuttle service on hand for convenience (at a fee)