Whats the Beef !!!!!

What’s the Beef with Irish Beef?

I wanted to explore and explain how lucky we really are in this country with the top notch produce we have on our doorstep, I’ve been keen to be diplomatic in relation to current protests and anger in this sector at the moment. I hope this gives an over view to every one about the beef we all love from this great country.

First up the figures show the sheer quantity of what our top class farmers produce. The Irish Beef industry is known globally for its high standard and quality of taste but what sets it apart from the rest.  There are over 520,000 tonnes of beef produced in Ireland each year and around 470,000 tonnes of that is destined for export.

Over 80 percent of Irish beef is grass fed and pasture raised according to Bord Bia. This allows for any beef product to be fully traceable from farm to fork. Ireland has some of the best pastures in the world which allows us to produces the best beef.

Grass-fed livestock is much healthier for you and produces a much leaner cuts of beef. The meat also provides the consumer with antioxidants like vitamin E, key nutrients like vitamin K which is essential when getting calcium to your bones along with better fat quality like omega-3.

Irish farmers pride themselves in the high-quality beef which they produce and would never jeopardize their good reputation by putting quantity over quality. The Irish beef industry has always been about providing the consumer with the highest quality and our farmers treat and care for their cattle with safety and respect in order to achieve this. We should all be proud to say we do not have industrial farming in Ireland.

The ability to trace food from farm to fork is critical when it comes to ensuring what we consume is safe and ethically sourced. Irish beef is approved by Bord Bia which is the Irish Food Board. “The role of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, is to act as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world.”

This allows for any consumers to have access to information on where their food originated from.

Traceability is the key to keeping the Irish beef industry transparent, this will allow it to continue to produce good, wholesome, honest food.

A recent study carried out by Teagasc has seen a rise in interest in the organic food market and according to The Farmers Journal, Irish farmers use of antibiotics in livestock is currently among lowest in Europe which is positive in the shift toward a more organic lifestyle.

Organic food is growing in popularity in the Irish market and according to a Teagasc study has shown that high animal welfare standards are important to the Irish consumer as well as no hormones or antibiotics. People want to ensure that animals and livestock are reared ethically and come from organic, free-range backgrounds as this impacts their perceptions of meat quality and safety

According to Enterprise Ireland, meat accounts for over 40% of Ireland’s gross agricultural output and is dominated by beef which shows just how important it is to Irish farmers. The Irish beef industry is important to keeping rural Ireland alive is the key to ensuring this number doesn’t drop. Family run farms are the backbone of our rural communities here in Ireland. This is why buying local products ensures that we protect their livelihoods and keep Irish products on our supermarket shelves.

Irish produce is essential to ensuring all our dishes here at Smokin’ Soul maintain a high standard in the quality of produce and tractability. We pride ourselves in supporting local Irish farmers when sourcing our cuts of prime Irish Beef along with all our other needs to bring the best to the market. Please support your own, because they are already supporting you.